This server hosts projects and wikis for the Responsive Environments group at the MIT Media Lab.

Adding a Project

  1. From the projects page (Projects -> All Projects) click "New Project"
  2. Fill in the appropriate info
  3. Uncheck "public" unless the project should be publicly available
  4. Click "Save"
  5. In the "Members" tab, add the appropriate people
  6. Wait. Sometime soon (~20min) a cron job will create the HG repository for the project
  7. Clone the repo URL, at http://simonetti.media.mit.edu/hg/<PROJECT_NAME>

Adding a User

Users can add themselves by going to http://simonetti.media.mit.edu/dev and clicking "Register" in the top-right. It's likely that you'll end up adding your login credentials to a plaintext .hgrc file, so don't use the same password that you do for your nuclear launch codes. An email will be sent to the simonetti admins and they must approve the new user.

Latest projects

  • Tidmarsh Unity (04/15/2014 06:14 pm)
  • Tidmarsh Python Module (03/12/2014 01:32 pm)

    Various Python utilities for dealing with Tidmarsh sensor data.

  • Matlab_data_parser (11/25/2013 04:05 pm)

    Matlab code used to visualize data from user tests.

  • Unity_continuous (11/23/2013 05:59 pm)

    This is a Unity application that allows the camera position to fly through the 3D world model through the use of hand gestures.

  • Unity_discrete (11/23/2013 05:58 pm)

    This is a unity application that allows the camera position to be manipulated into discrete positions via hand gestures.