This server hosts projects and wikis for the Responsive Environments group at the MIT Media Lab.

Adding a Project

  1. From the projects page (Projects -> All Projects) click "New Project"
  2. Fill in the appropriate info
  3. Uncheck "public" unless the project should be publicly available
  4. Click "Save"
  5. In the "Members" tab, add the appropriate people
  6. Wait. Sometime soon (~20min) a cron job will create the HG repository for the project
  7. Clone the repo URL, at<PROJECT_NAME>

Adding a User

Users can add themselves by going to and clicking "Register" in the top-right. It's likely that you'll end up adding your login credentials to a plaintext .hgrc file, so don't use the same password that you do for your nuclear launch codes. An email will be sent to the simonetti admins and they must approve the new user.

  • AVR Library for the AT86RF230

    A simple library for AVR 8-bit microcontrollers and the Atmel AT86RF230 802.15.4 radio transceiver, using the 802.15.4 MAC. Based on Atmel's Transceiver Access Toolkit with a wrapper to simplify basic radio usage.

    More information is available on the wiki....

    • Zigboard Python Library

      Python library for communicating with an 802.15.4 bridge board. For documentation, please see the wiki on the parent project.

  • Brian's PCB Libraries

    Brian's schematic symbols and PCB footprints for Altium Designer

  • DoppelLab

    DoppelLab is an immersive sensor data browser built on a 3-d game engine. It unifies independent sensor networks and data sources within the spatial framework of a building. Animated visualizations and sonifications serve as representations of real-time data within the virtual space....

  • android_typer

    This is an android application that speaks to the extension sensor over a socket.

  • android_typer_7

    This is a different typing interaction design utilizing a different gesture classifier.

  • glass_typer_7

    The typing application for glass.

  • Matlab_data_parser

    Matlab code used to visualize data from user tests.

  • Unity_continuous

    This is a Unity application that allows the camera position to fly through the 3D world model through the use of hand gestures.

  • Unity_discrete

    This is a unity application that allows the camera position to be manipulated into discrete positions via hand gestures.

  • FabFish Firmware

    Firmware for my electric field sensor prototyping kit

  • GEServer

    The main GesturesEverywhere server

    • Light Tube

      Firmware for LED tube lights for 99Fridays.

    • Moving Heads

      Replacement control board for the "Ape Coaster 2" moving LED DMX fixture.

    • MR16 Wireless Controller

      Wireless 802.15.4 control board firmware for individually-dimmable MR16 fixtures on the new lighting truss in the Media Lab atrium.

    • Strobe

      30W LED Strobe light controller firmware for 99Fridays

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