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Water.meta 192 Bytes 87:5775a0384bce almost 8 years Spencer Russell fixes water rendering by replacing with new pre...

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175:f9f5640c2a3a 04/20/2016 02:32 pm Brian Mayton

build 3.0

153:d7e11ba39094 03/15/2016 11:27 pm Gershon Dublon

new scene! impoundment. needs painting and more smoothing

151:e9af23132194 10/22/2015 07:50 pm Donald Derek

added cramberry and weed

121:4b7c0be5de7d 10/07/2015 12:12 pm Gershon Dublon

set boston time (with approx. daylight savings based on current month)

117:f15dfd34a09c 08/04/2015 08:01 pm Gershon Dublon

switched from UniStorm to Time of Day and to daytime water

106:9fd712721a2c 05/19/2015 03:14 pm Donald Derek

Water optimisation to remove jerk

97:b1202c050049 04/19/2015 06:45 pm Spencer Russell

picks up some material changes that the editor seems to have made upgrading to Unity 5

89:a5de5392bf22 04/19/2015 06:15 pm Spencer Russell

adds meta files for new water

88:6bd07d9b6d81 04/17/2015 05:27 pm Spencer Russell

fixes rendering for trees

87:5775a0384bce 04/17/2015 05:21 pm Spencer Russell

fixes water rendering by replacing with new prefab. DOES NOT WORK when the prefab is scaled too large

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