Sensor Node v1

Version 2 (Brian Mayton, 03/31/2013 09:28 pm) → Version 3/7 (Brian Mayton, 03/31/2013 09:28 pm)

h1. Sensor Node v1

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h2. Specifications

h3. *CPU*: ATxmega32A4

* 8/16-bit AVR core
* 32K program memory
* 4K RAM
* 32-bit RTC
* 12-bit A/D

h3. *Wireless*: AT86RF231

* 802.15.4 PHY/MAC
* +3 dBm transmit
* -101 dBm receiver sensitivity
* omnidirectional folded dipole antenna

h3. *Environmental Protection*

* 3x3x2 inch watertight enclosure (IP-65 rated)
** gray ABS, stainless screws
* IP-67 filter membrane for RH sensor
* Gore-Tex membrane for barometer
* water-resistant circular connectors for external sensors

h3. *Power*

* 3xAA cells, either alkaline or nickel-metal
* alternatively, 3.7V lithium polymer cell
* optional solar charge controller
* 2.2V system voltage
* optional 1.8V/3.3V power domains for audio codec

h3. *Sensing*

* ADXL346 low-power accelerometer
* BMP085 barometric pressure sensor
* SHT21 high-resolution temperature/humidity sensor
* ISL29023 high dynamic range ambient light sensor

h3. *Expansion/Connectivity*

* *Aux 1 connector*
** 3-4.5V battery voltage
** 2 A/D capable GPIO pins

* *Aux 2 connector*
** 3 A/D capable GPIO pins

* *Solar/Aux Power*
** 3.5V to 15V (overvoltage protected) input for solar panel or other charging source
** This is an optional connection; only required for repeater nodes and audio nodes

* *Serial*
** I2C sensor bus
** asynchronous serial
** configurable power pin, options:
*** sensor node provides 3.3V via linear regulator; serial I/O is 3.3V
*** sensor node provides 2.2V via main switching regulator; serial I/O is 2.2V
*** power pin is input; external device supplies serial reference voltage between 1.8 and 5.5V

* *Mic*
** optional differential microphone input for audio codec; 3.3V biased for electret capsules

* *PDI programming interface*
** Program/Debug interface connector for main MCU

h3. *Audio Codec*

The audio codec section in this version of the hardware is strictly experimental and optional. It should be considered for evaluation purposes only!

* VS1063 audio codec
* MP3 or Ogg VBR encoding
* integrated microphone preamplifier
* programmable DSP