Tidmarsh Sensor Node Documentation

The Tidmarsh sensor node is a small, low-power wireless sensor node platform. In addition to its onboard sensor set (temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, ambient light, and vibration/motion) it can optionally contain an audio codec DSP and expansion for additional analog and digital sensor channels.

It is powered by either 3 AA batteries (of various chemistries) or a lithium polymer pack. The batteries can be charged by an external power source, such as a solar panel.

The sensor nodes include a low-power 802.15.4 radio operating in the 2.4GHz band, and use the Atmel Lightweight Mesh protocol to communicate. It is also possible to interface with the nodes via the serial port.

Common Tasks

This section describes some useful things that you might want to do with the Tidmarsh sensor node. It is intended to be a tutorial-of-sorts for getting started quickly with development on the node as a platform.

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