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SMA project: Blooming flower

This flower was made by using the curling mechanism (sewing flexinol wire to paper). Its petals curl back when the flexinol is heated, allowing the flower to bloom when it is activated.

The following video is a test of a single petal:

It was made with 0.006″ HT flexinol, which requires about 0.400A of current to run properly. This video shows the drop in resistance of the wire as it heats up, which results in the shape change becoming faster as the wire heats up and more current is able to run through the wire.

Made by Jessie Thompson as part of the MIT/RISD paper-based electronics workshop.

SMA mechanism: double curling

This mechanism uses two curling pieces moving opposite each other to create a claw-like motion. The curling strip is made by sewing flexinol wire to the paper strip and then attaching the center of the strip to the base piece of paper. When the wire heats up (from current running through), it contracts causing the paper to curl.

Made by Shaun Salzberg as part of the MIT/RISD paper-based electronics workshop.